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John Alexander Moorman - A Different Level

of Thinker

I'm not the best speaker, and I won't tell you what you want to hear. Instead, I appeal to voters who understand that radical change is necessary if we want to save the planet. I am a realist. I won't tell you what you want to hear, but I will make the future possible for your family.

Political Stances

My ideas are complex. Watch my YouTube and TikTok videos for more information. 

Our Services


Common sense tells me that if I buy multiple companies and put their employees in charge of a subsidized public option, the quality of Americans' healthcare won't decrease.

Two Currency


Creating a green currency will incentivize business owners to register as green businesses and it will help us deal with the impending problem of automation. Robots are better than humans at repetitive tasks a lot of the time.

Reforming Intelligence Community

The CIA has massively overstepped it's charter by institutionalizing the breaking the Constitution. I'm for absorbing the CIA into the DIA, and I'm considering having the Department of Homeland Security absorb the FBI.



If the school board told me that they were going to open my kid's school even though at least one mass shooting would occur (maybe more), I would say no. Opening schools during COVID-19 is terrorism. 

I grew up in an online education company family. Most of my work experience is in the field of online education. I'm for turning COVID-19 into a magical moment for education by pouring money into innovating the field of online education.

Reforming the Entire Planet

America represents only 5% of the world's population. If we only reform at home, our reach is too small. 


I am for creating a powerful military coalition with China, India, Germany, and our other allies. I'm for combining the world's labor with our country's smartest people. Only by working together can we save the planet.

Saving the Planet

I don't want to go to war. I want to find a way to save the planet. But I think we have to go to war...

Saving the planet is not a simple task. People need fossil fuels to power their homes. People need oil to power their cars. Farmers need oil to power their farm equipment. 

I don't feel like explaining my plan to build sustainable solar cities in Nevada right now, but I want to make this clear: My campaign is not about going to war. My campaign is about saving our future. 

The state of nature is the state of war. America was founded on the belief that we should have the best advantage possible during the world wars. 

Unfortunately, America's geographic and financial advantage alone cannot win world war 3. If we are to win, we must build smart coalitions, be aggressive with our attacks, and we must outthink the enemy. 

Money does not equal success at war. Every war historian knows that.

A Safe & Fair Election

I'm for putting the election online using person-to-person verification of people's identities through FaceTime. I'm for linking all the vote objects through hashing. Code can be written in multiple languages to test the hashes to the root hash. The votes will be made public via an obfuscated ledger.

John Alexander Moorman

Constitutional Democratic Party


Join My Campaign

Phone bank for me. 

Knock on doors for me. 

Create memes for me.

Tell your friends.

This entire election could change in a week.

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